Title: Dimke MemCopy for DOS
Picture: Dimke MemCopy for DOS Screenshot
Explanation: This DOS application is one of my oldest programs, it was written during an era when a personal computer not neccessarily contained a harddisk...!
As the title already says, this little tool copies a file from one drive to another, using the "Far heap" of DOS and is especially helpful if you want to copy a file from and to removable drives like diskette drive a: or b:.
How it works:

When you look into the source code then you'll see

  • how to use the far heap to buffer data, you'll learn
  • how to use interrupts to read and set file attributes as well as
  • the time and date when a file was last written, you'll see
  • how to show some information on how to use the program when run without parameters, and you'll see
  • how to empty the keyboard buffer, so that the program stops and waits for user input even when there's still data in the keyboard buffer from former user input and so on.
There is no real application for this tool, as you see, so I put it here only for educational use.
How to use: Just open a DOS box under windows or start your computer in plain DOS and run memcopy.exe. For the first time just run it without parameters to get a brief description on how to use it.
Download Exe: exe_dos.zip
Download Src: src.zip
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