Title: Dimke Kill TrumpetWinsocket
Picture: Dimke Kill TrumpetWinsocket Screenshot
Explanation: When an internet connection is being established and there's something wrong with initialising your modem, then, at least in most cases, it helps to disconnect and reconnect.
Another very important issue is that when there were severe errors or exceptions with your browser, so that the system suffers from a leak of memory and similar side effects, then best would be to disconnect, restart windows and reconnect.
If you terminate "Trumpet Winsocket" using this application then Trumpet will not ask you if you really want to terminate it, you can simply restart windows while Netscape or other browsers are still running.
After windows is running again you just have to start Trumpet again without reestablish the connection, because Trumpet does this by itself.
How it works:

This application is based on "Kill App" project.
Just look into the c++ source code and into the resource file to understand what's going on.

How to use: Just unpack the zip file and run the executable file.
If you want to compile it on your own, you'll have to create an "IDE" file.
It is not included because it depends on the system, and your installation most likely differs from mine.
Additional note: I am using Calmira and added "Dimke Kill TrumpetWinsocket" icon to the taskbar tray just between "Volume" and "Clock". It's the fastest way to invoke it.
Download Exe: exe_w16.zip
Download Src: src.zip
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